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About us

We'll help you to improve your birding skils, introduce species you haven't even heard before, show you beatifull and colorful birds photos, give you an opportunity to learn sounds more than 10000 birds species, provide you with countries checklists, species maps, latest news, information about extinct birds and that is not all.

Our advantages

  • All world species and all world countries checklists
  • Our service is fast and Mobile friendly
  • Convenient Full-text multi-table search by: species, families, orders, countries, news
  • Web push notifications
  • Email subscription


To show you all in one birds information we analyse and use different sources:

  • IOC World Bird List
    up-to-date classification of wild birds and a set of English names;
    scientific names and species translations to the most common world languages;
    always checking new version and updating the data immediately.
  • Avibase
    We use it for updating database with species synonyms, old latin names, lists of birds by countries.
  • Wikipedia
    Wikipedia is used to update translations for birds orders and families.
  • Xeno-canto API
    Xeno-canto API provides birds sounds. Our system automatically finds new sounds and displays the list of songs or calls ordered by quality.
  • Flickr API
    Birds images and photos represented on the species pages were found using Flickr API. We show only public photos and immediately delete photos that has become not public.
  • BirdLife News
    Audubon birds news
    Latest news about birds.